Makeup changes every woman, but it's really hard to believe that this is a large degree makes a difference.

When Naomi Grossman arrives for work on the set of American Horror Story: Freak Show, she's facing at least three hours in the make-up chair.

And without the prosthetics, heavy make-up, fat suit, and fake teeth, Naomi is completely unrecognisable from her FX counterpart - as she revealed on Wednesday.

Looking nothing like her disfigured character, the actress dropped by Young Hollywood Studios in a chic cream coat in Los Angeles.

She polished off her elegant look with a pair of dramatic chandelier earrings, a slick of coral lipstick, and a coat of golden eyeshadow.

As Pepper, Naomi's costume requires the actress to shave her head - a dramatic hairdo she has learned to embrace.

'I wasn't anxious to have my head shaved, by any means, but now that I've done it, it's not really a big deal...It's an empowering feeling,' she told People Magazine.

In fact, Naomi was surprised to discover her new look attracted plenty of admiration from the opposite sex.

'I definitely never thought I'd have male attention again but that's certainly not the case. Probably quite the opposite...Confidence is attractive to anyone, and there's nothing like walking around with a bald head - a woman, that is - exuding confidence,' she added to the website.

Becoming Pepper has proven to be a test in patience, as the actress revealed to TooFab her transformation is 'about a three hour process…That's lightning speed compared to what it was [on Asylum].

'It used to be about six hours with two guys, now it's three hours with one.'

Naomi joined the American Horror Story cast in 2012, and though did not appear in the third season, has re-joined stars Emma Roberts and Kathy Bates for Freak Show.

The Wednesday night episode promises to explain the origins of Pepper's backstory, and how exactly she landed at Briarcliff Manor.

'I think people are really going to be surprised,' the actress teased to People.

Since American Horror Story hit FX in 2011, the chilling series has nabbed a number of awards, including an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Miniseries Or Movie, which was bestowed to Jessica Lange in 2014.

Meanwhile, Naomi's American Horror Story co-star Jyoti Amge - who at 2 ft 0.6 in is the world's smallest living woman, according to Guinness World Records - turned 21-years-old on Wednesday.

And the Indian actress's fellow castmate Evan Peters couldn't resist sharing a few snaps from the festivities a day later.