Everyone has their own style when it comes to the type of house that they want to live in; some are just exiting than others.

Sometimes when picking out the perfect home, we think of the number of bedrooms, the school district, yard space. The owners of these homes were looking for a few different options when finding the faultless abode. And some of these owners had their homes made just the way they wanted the house to look.

1. Toilet House – Suwon, South Korea

In previous articles, I have mentioned that the people living on the Asian continent seem to have a strange fascination with poop and that they believe that deities live in toilets. This giant toilet house in Suwon, South Korea aids proof to that point. In 2009, Suwon mayor Sim Jae-Duck had this house built (assumingly) in memoriam to his grandmother, since he was born inside her outhouse, according to sources. The late mayor also had a strange affliction with the commode. This humongous building is now a museum, so anyone can walk right through it.

2. N55 Walking House – Copenhagen, Denmark

Do you have a small family who gets tired of living in the same place for too long? Would you like the freedom to live off of the land, yet have that land built directly into your house? Or how about a home that does not need to connect to the “outside” world, and has legs that can take you across the country without even leaving the building? The N55 Walking House is designed to do those things, and you can move it when you get bored of living in the same area day after day. It was built in Copenhagen, Denmark, and can hold up to four people.

3. Airplane House – Lake Whittington, MS, USA

Did you ever wonder what it was like to live inside an airplane? Apparently, that is what Joann Ussery was thinking when she turned her Boeng 727 into the ultimate treehouse in Lake Whittington, Mississippi. In 1994, the hairdresser had lost her home to a tree that had fallen on top of it during an ice storm. She then decided to buy an airplane from a salvage yard thanks to suggestions from her brother. Shortly thereafter, the large aircraft was turned into a home to replace the one she had previously lost.

4. The Upside – Down House – Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

Niagara Falls is known for its beautiful waterfalls that cascade down from hundreds of feet in the air. Perhaps now it should also be known as the place that has the upside-down house located near the bottom of the falls in Ontario, Canada. The house was built topsy-turvy on purpose and has daily tours for those who want to know what it is like to live inside a place that is not quite as it seems. It’s also across the street from Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Coincidence? No, it really isn’t.