Kyrie and Brielle Jackson, came into this world 12 weeks too early, weighing barely 2 pounds causing some immediate health complications..

They were immediately separated into different incubators. Brielle’s condition stabilized itself slowly and she gradually began to put on weight.

The doctor’s prognosis for Kyrie was less optimistic, however, and the doctors believed the little one would not survive.


These iconic twins were born 12 weeks premature in 1995. They’re lying on their bellies, and the slightly larger baby has her stick-thin arm around her sister. One baby was not expected to live, hospital nurse fought to put them in the same incubator.

After a few weeks, something completely unexpected happened: Brielle started having breathing problems and her body began to turn blue. The nurses sprung into action, but nothing seemed to work.

Out of desperation, the nurse had an idea: she put Brielle next to her fragile sister. This was against hospital policies, but Gayle risked it as they were out of options. Shortly after, something AMAZING happened: Brielle calmed down immediately and instinctively laid her arm around her dining sister.

After a couple of days, Kyrie’s condition began to stabilize and she started to gain weight. Kyrie and Brielle Jackson are now 20-years old and are about to graduate from college.

More of their story:
Kyrie and Brielle Jackson were born on October 17, 1995, a full 12 weeks ahead of their due date. The standard practice, that time, at The Medical Center of Central Massachusetts in Worcester, where the twins came into the world, was to place them in separate incubators in order to reduce the risk of infection. Both babies were placed in separate incubators, a standard practice to reduce the risk of cross-infection. Kyrie, who weighed 2lbs 3 oz, was making good progress and gaining weight, but her tiny sister had breathing and heart-rate problems, there was little weight gain and her oxygen level was low.

On November 12, tiny Brielle went into critical condition. Her stick-thin arms and legs turned bluish-gray as she gasped for air. Her heart rate soared. The Jackson parents watched, terrified that their little daughter might die.

It is said that desperate moments call for desperate measures. Nurse Gayle Kasparian, after exhausting all the conventional remedies, decided to try a procedure that was common in parts of Europe but virtually unknown in the United States. With parental permission, she placed the twins in the same bed. No sooner had she closed the incubator door, Brielle snuggled up to Kyrie and began to calm down. Within minutes, her blood-oxygen readings improved. As she dozed, Kyrie wrapped her left arm around her smaller sister. Brielle’s heart rate stabilized and her temperature rose to normal.