The busier life gets, the harder it is to motivate ourselves to stay healthy. And even if we can find that willpower, how do we go about it?

If you ask enough people about the best way to live a healthy life, you can get a million answers.

And one of them comes from 36-year-old Andrew Flinders Taylor, who has decided he's going to spend the year eating only potatoes. Let's have a look at what he has in mind and whether it's a good idea.

Andrew Flinders Taylor, who started his “Spud Fit” experiment on 1 January, is hoping to change his relationship with food and fix his self-declared “food addiction” by eating nothing but potatoes for 366 days.

Taylor is a self-described "wannabe sportsman" and avid kayaker.

But he had been unsatisfied by his fitness for the last two years and reported being his heaviest ever.

He said he wanted to see food as fuel rather than something that controls his life.

And that's what led him to eat only potatoes this year.

The beginning

Just over a month into the diet, Mr Taylor posted a photo on Facebook of some unfinished mash potato on his plate.

This is a nice illustration of 'sensory-specific satiety' – the theory that the pleasure we take in consuming a single food goes down as we eat more of it, so we stop eating so much.

He is probably feeling the benefits of his weight loss (10kg in the first month), with increased energy levels, and already will have reduced his chances of developing diabetes and other chronic conditions.

And he's trying out new ways of eating them, like this potato pancake.

If you're going to eat over six pounds of potatoes a day, you've got to mix it up.

And after a month of doing this, he's lost 22 pounds.

But is this potato-only diet really a good idea?

Surprisingly, his doctor seems to think so.

Taylor said he was only going to eat white potatoes, but the dietitian recommended adding sweet potatoes as well.

Enough protein and fat?

Eating around 3kg of potatoes a day will provide just over 2000kcal, a reasonable amount for a man of his size aiming to lose weight.

But while potatoes are an excellent source of carbohydrates and fibre, he may struggle to get enough protein.