Paintings and photosgraphs have been around forever and they are one of the most popular forms of art. These painting is done so well you can't tell if it's actually a painting or photographs?

Historically, we've used paintings to communicate, express our feelings, and tell our history. In a way, painting hasn't changed much. Portraits are still popular subjects and trying to paint the best you can is the desired outcome. But what happens when the painting is done so well you can't tell if it's actually a painting?

1. Texting

This painting perfectly captures this generation of young people focused on technology. But how he got the light so realistic with just paint? Truly mind-boggling.

2. Thought

I wonder: if the idea he's thinking about is a good one, will the light bulb light up? Either way, the realism of this painting is simply... unreal. I don't think I can spot one brush stroke!

3. Sandra

Sandra Bullock is America's sweetheart, so there's no question why someone would want to paint her. But for someone to do this good a job truly pays tribute to a wonderful actress.

4. Sleeping Child

A sleeping child is such a peaceful thing, and this artist has captures the innocence perfectly. Just look at the seat belt! It's hard to tell that this is a painting.

5. Deer in the Woods

This painting is simply gorgeous! It looks like the deer is about to take a step into the beautiful woods at any second. The artist even got the light from the setting sun to look real!

6. Up for Air

Water is a tricky thing to paint, but to be able to paint well enough for that water to look real? Now that's talent. Even the water beads on her skin are perfect.

7. Plastic Bag

Everyone has carried a plastic bag at some point, and everyone knows the familiar crinkling. So to capture that so wonderfully in just a painting is remarkable. Add in the Coke cans and this picture is exquisite.

8. Innocence

The innocence of a child is so precious, and is usually hard to capture in a photograph, let alone a painting. But this artist gives this little girl life and makes her so adorable!

9. Wedding Night

A beautiful bride on her wedding day is truly a sight to behold. This artist captures a moment before the wedding, where the bride takes a break to check out the guests.