After spending $46,000 on plastic surgery, she has achieved a goal and burst out of her shell in a big way.

A model has forked out a fortune to transform herself into the idol of her dreams doll. Victoria Wild has blown a staggering 46,000 USD on rhinoplasty, permanent lip implants, Botox and three breast enhancements taking her to a size 32G, to make her look like an inflatable love toy. Victoria, 30, even has plans for bottom implants and three further breast augmentations.

However, she didn't stop there, undergoing another $5,000 worth of procedures with a nose job, lip implants, and botox injections.

So how does Victoria feel about her new look?

"Now I feel happier and more confident than I've ever felt before," she says.

"People look at me in the street and men absolutely adore me."

Her boyfriend is pleased with her look too, and she says she's making more money now.

"Simon loves my doll look. I'm a bombshell now," she says, "I get more glamour model work because of how I look too."

And her growing fan base suggests she's well on her way.

With 43,500 followers on Instagram and more than 20,000 on Twitter, she's certainly attracting attention for achieving her dream.

She said: 'I had a very normal childhood, living in a small village in the countryside.

'I was very slim and blonde and people would call me Barbie. But I hated my small A cup boobs. I didn't like myself or the way I looked. I had an inferiority complex.

'I didn't know about plastic surgery at that age but I would always dream about resembling a sexy bimbo doll with huge breasts and insanely big lips.

'I loved the way dolls looked and how sexy they were. They are so bright and bold. It was this fantasy in my head.'

However when Victoria began working as a glamour model at the age of twenty, she became aware of cosmetic surgery.

'I learned about boob jobs and plastic surgery. I realised it was possible to make my dreams come true. I could become the sexy, bimbo doll I had always envisioned in my head.'

Victoria started saving up her earnings from modelling work so she could afford a first breast augmentation.

When she was 25, she met her boyfriend Simon, an Italian businessman, who encouraged Victoria's dreams of looking like a sex doll.