One man and his 'giant' dog are living a great adventure.

When photographer Christopher Cline moved from Virginia to Minnesota, he was feeling homesick and “sliding into a sad place in life.” But then his girlfriend brought him Juji. Though the photographer wasn’t keen on getting a dog at first, the adorable Goldendoodle not only became his best friend, he brought his inspiration back.

Now Cline creates amusing Photoshop manipulations featuring the giant Juji and Cline himself taking all sorts of adventures together. He wants his photos to have a “kids’ book feel.” “I immediately fell in love with him,” said Cline. “He has turned my life completely around and we are now absolutely inseparable.

I have found a new outlook on life and in my artwork and I owe it all to him.”One man and his "giant" dog are living a great adventure.

Photographer Chris Cline Photoshops his dog, Juji, into a humungous character, larger than Cline himself. In doing so, Cline's world becomes a fantastical, imaginary story starring man's best friend.

And from the way Cline describes it, they are, indeed, best friends.

"Juji is definitely one of my biggest sources of information," Cline tells A Plus in an email. "He came along at a time in my artistic career when I was feeling low. He really charged my batteries so to speak. And every day is a new adventure with him. "

Cline's photographs include bike rides, walks on the beach, and sleigh rides, among other activities. And sometimes, he and Juji just hang out. ​Moreover, with each photograph comes a story. Cline's Instagram account features playful captions with dialogue and context to emphasize the happenings in the photos.

"'Dad...I can appreciate your love of this place...but my back is getting wet and I'm about to snap! Let's go sit by the fire.'.....Hiking at Minneopa Falls with the Juji," the image below reads.

"I'd have to say that one of my favorite images is one I just recently posted where we're riding the bike together and he's on my back," Cline says. Its story goes:

A break in the cold Minnesota weather brought the two of them outside for some adventure. Unfortunately, Chris forgot that during the long winter he had neglected to fix the brakes on the beach cruiser that now barreled down the hill at top speed. Juji on the other hand, had only one thing on his mind....the thrilling thought that his massive weight only pushed them further and faster to an inevitable disaster at the bottom of the hill...with him on top of the pile, giggling at the man who calls himself master.