The woman who caused horrific burns to Dana Vulin she thought was having an affair with her husband will remain behind bars after losing her appeal.

When Dana Vulin fells asleep on February 16, 2001, she could have never predicted the horrible tragedy that was about to happen. Dana was at home in Perth, Western Australia taking a nap at her home when she heard a voice whisper: ‘Hello, Dana.’

Natalie Dimitrovska was sentenced in the District Court of Western Australia on Wednesday to 17 years in prison for causing burns to more than half of Ms Vulin's body during a premeditated attack.

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Obsessed with the notion that her husband and Ms Vulin were having an affair, she walked into Ms Vulin's home in February 2012 and doused her with methylated spirits before setting her on fire.

In the weeks leading up to the incident, Dimitrovska made repeated threatening phone calls, saying: 'You're dead, b****' and vowed to ruin her 'pretty little face'.

When Dimitrovska advised Ms Vulin that she had reunited with her husband, from whom she had been separated, her victim replied via text that she did not care but wished her a good life.

But the threatening calls from Dimitrovska continued, with Ms Vulin being called a 'f***ing sl**'.


The attack occurred after the jealous estranged wife snuck into Ms Vulin's apartment complex in Perth, barged into her unit and searched for her husband, who was not there.

She returned the following day, having smoked amphetamines throughout the night, breaking in through the balcony.

Ms Vulin was holding a lit meth burner when she was set alight, resulting in third degree burns to two thirds of her body and countless operations to reconstruct her scorched face, arms and torso.

Dimitrovska then changed her hair colour and bought a one-way ticket to Macedonia - only to be arrested at Perth Airport.

After finding out that Dimitrovska was lodging an appeal to argue her sentence for grievous bodily harm with intent was ‘manifestly excessive’, Ms Vulin told Daily Mail Australia in an interview in April: ‘I’ve been given a life sentence and she’s complaining about 17 years'.