What a clever idea! Learn how to make all-natural air fresheners using just a few drops of an essential oils and a simple wooden clothespin.

These do-it-yourself air fresheners in your car or all over the house. The best part? Because you are making them yourself, you can experiment with different scents that you love.

SO QUICK! So effective!! Less than 10 second DIY hack for a all natural air freshener using essential oils. TRY IT!!

No one likes riding around and being stuck in a stinky car and if you spend a lot of time in your automobile, you want it to smell good. The same goes for our homes, no one wants to live and sleep in a stale smelling house. Rather than lighting up a bunch of expensive scented candles or spraying toxic air fresheners that are full of chemicals, reach for a clothespin!

All you need is a couple of wooden clothespins and a bottle of essential oil. Whatever your favorite scent is will work fine, and cinnamon and citrus smells in particular work great. Drip a few drops of the essential oil on the clothespins and then stick them in your house or car air vents. Soon afterwards your house and vehicle interiors will be smelling a lot more pleasant and refreshed. This method is easily one of the best, most cost-effective ways to make an area smell good and won’t even cost you a penny if you have essential oil and a few old clothespins laying around. When the smell begins to fade, simply drop or rub more oil onto the clothespins whenever you’d like. Here are a few more ways to freshen the stinkier things up around your house:

Trash- Line the bin with some old newspapers that you would’ve thrown out anyways. The paper works great to absorb the stinky garbage odors and you can throw it out with the trash.

Garbage Disposal- Slice up a lemon, drop it in the disposal, then grind it up. All the nasty odors will get cleared out and a lemony-fresh scent will be left in their place.

Kitchen- Set the oven to 300 degrees and place two teaspoons of vanilla extract in a ceramic coffee mug. Stick it in the oven for an hour and your house will smell like warm, sweet, delicious vanilla.

Viewer’s Choice from Kelli Johnson in the video - Take a dryer sheet and run it along all the baseboards in your home to keep dust from collecting and rooms smelling clean.

Try some of these today and see what a wonderful difference they can end up making!

The options with you are limited. Either you light up a bunch of expensive candles/ scented sticks or you use plain old room fresheners containing toxic chemicals. We would like to suggest you a third option which may be extremely useful to you. What you need to do is to search for a couple of wooden clothespin!