Whenever we run out of toilet paper, we throw away to roll without even thinking about it! But...

Before you toss them out, why not try one of these creative ideas! Create storage container for toy cars and organize your kid’s toys with this nifty storage bin!

Decorative mirror

Spruce up an old mirror! Cut the roll into smaller sections and then glue them together before placing around the frame of the mirror.

Good seed starter

Cardboard decomposes over time and is a great way to grow your garden!

You absolutely, positively, do not need to BUY anything to be successful at seed starting. Well, besides your seeds (if you haven’t saved your own) and some great sterilized seed starting mix, you can find most of what you need around the house. Not every oh-so-cute Pinterest-worthy repurposed container gives your seeds the best start though. And some are just plain time consuming. Here are the facts so you can choose what is right for you.

Organize your desk

Need a place to store pencils, pens, and other office supplies, try creating this stationary organizer.

Natural Pencil Holder

Bring the outdoors inside! Glue some twigs to the outsides of the rolls for a rustic office look.