They have known each other since their school days and while they have not always been by each other's sides, Michael Hoskin knew early on in their courtship that Turia Pitt was for him.

Pitt recalls the moment to ABC Australia, “It just got hotter and hotter and hotter and I couldn’t stand it anymore so I jumped up and tried to run and that’s when I got burned.”

She managed to run through the flames and survive. However, there was a deep cost.

Pitt suffered 3rd-degree burns on over 65% of her body, and doctors were forced to amputate four fingers on her left hand and her right thumb.

She spent the next two years living in the hospital. She was forced to wear a compression mask for those two years in order to heal properly. It was a difficult time for pit, but she was thankful that her longtime boyfriend Michael was always by her side.

While in intensive care, Michael bought a diamond ring. He even quit his job in order to care for her full-time.

Recently, Michael was asked if he ever thought about leaving Pitt for someone else as a result of the accident.

His response is simply beautiful.

“I married her soul, her character, and she’s the only woman that will continue to fulfill my dreams.”

The couple have been together for years but their relationship took a deeper turn after what started out as an adventure race with pals through the Kimberley region of Western Australia ended in a living nightmare for Turia.

But four years after an horrific incident which saw the former model trapped in a bush fire and left horribly burned, Turia - who has already undergone 200 operations - has put the worst behind her leaving the couple in the right space to get married.

In interviews with, Michael invariably refers to Turia as 'beautiful' and 'amazing'.

He quit his job as a police officer to move to WA to spend more time with her where both worked in the mining industry.

And after her accident, he stopped working entirely to look after her because she could not dress or care properly for herself.

The couple now share a home in Ulladulla, New South Wales, and have slowly rebuilt their lives.

Turia credits the unequivocal support of her fiance for helping bolster her confidence during the last four years, much of which she spent in hospital.