10 brilliant makeup tips for women with hooded eyes

If you have hooded eyes, you might have spent some time watching tutorials on eyeshadow looks, but when you tried to recreate it, it may not have looked the same. And this isn't because you aren't great at makeup. With hooded eyes, you can not see the eyelid, which makes applying makeup a little more complicated. But fear not, my hooded eye friends! Embrace and learn how to work with your hooded eyes. Whether you have extremely or minor hooded eyes, these 10 tips and tricks will help you the next time you apply your eye makeup!

1. Invest in a great primer

The first step to help with applying makeup to hooded eyes is to have a great primer. Hooded eyes crease, and with that, eye shadow will transfer. This primer by Urban Decay is amazing and will be the perfect base for your hooded eyes.

2. Use matte shades

Using different colored matte shadows on your eyelids will create the illusion that there is depth to your hooded lid. If you like shimmer shades, #6 will show you where to apply it!

3. Plump up your lashes with falsies

Going for a glamorous look? Use false eyelashes that flare at the outer corner of the eye. This is a great trick to make your hooded eyes look bigger.

4. Use an eyelash curler

If you're not into wearing false eyelashes, use an eyelash curler to create the same illusion. If you have stubborn lashes, heat your eyelash curler with a blow dryer. This will give you noticeably curlier lashes.

5. Apply a highlight in your inner corner

Applying a shimmery gold, silver, or white highlight on the inner corner of your eye will help lift the entire hood of your eye. The amount you want to use is up to you.

6. Always wing it

Create an instant eye lift with the flick of the wing. Extend and lift the eyeliner on the upper lid a bit higher than you normally would.

7. Set your eyeliner

Imagine spending all that time perfecting your liner, only to have it transfer halfway through the day. With hooded eyes, eyeliner can transfer, so set your eyeliner with a black shadow to prevent that from happening.

8. Create a cut crease

A cut crease is a dramatic eye look that can make your eyes look bigger. A cut crease can also create a false eyelid fold, which is a lifesaver for those with hooded eyes. Your eyelids will look like a work of art with this cut crease.