No one likes to clean the toilet. Sometimes nasty things pop out from under the rim that you'd never expect.

evertheless, you can't get around cleaning it, because if there is one thing worse than cleaning the toilet, it's sitting on a germ-infested one. This homemade toilet cleaner will make odors and grime a thing of the past.

What you need:

160 g Baking soda
60 ml Lemon juice
1/2 Tbsp Vinegar
1 Tbsp Hydrogen peroxide (3 %, from the pharmacy)
15-20 drops of fragrant oil

Here's how to do it:

Put the baking soda in a bowl and pour in the lemon juice.

Next, mix the hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in a small, separate container. Combine both, drop for drop, into the baking powder mixture. Finally, add your choice of fragrant oil.

Using a spoon, form half-ball shapes and place them on baking paper to dry. If you'd like, you can also apply a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar to the toilet bowl. This will help the tabs stay together, because a hard crust forms around them.

The toilet tabs need at least 4 hours to dry, or preferably overnight. Store them in an air-tight glass jar near your toilet when they are completely dry.

Whenever the toilet is a little less than fresh smelling, pop in another tab.

Making these tabs does take a bit of time, but all of the ingredients are cheap and easy to find. And they are better for the water and the environment that regular toilet cleaning products, which are full of chemicals. Small tip: you can also create interesting shapes if you press the mixture into praline or soap molds. If you decide to do that, however, remember those molds should only be used for this toilet mixture thereafter.

How to Eliminate Smells from the Toilet Bowl

Toilet smells aren’t something we like to talk about very much, or at all for that matter. Having a smelly toilet can make us feel like we’re not keeping the bathroom clean enough, but don’t worry – an unpleasant smell from the toilet isn’t always a sign that you’re not keeping up with your cleaning schedule. Potentially, the problem could be down to trapped grime in the S-bend. Either way, if the smell is making you heave every time you walk past the bathroom door, it’s certainly time to do something about it. There are two quick and easy ways you can eliminate these odours. Here’s how to get smells out of the toilet:

1. Remove toilet smells by cleaning your loo thoroughly

While we may do our utmost to keep the toilet bowl clean, fresh, and as hygienic as a toilet bowl can reasonably get, we have little control over what goes on in the S-bend. Every time the toilet is flushed, some amount of dirt and grime will become trapped in the bend, and can end up being the reason you find yourself smelling toilet odours in the rest of the house. The best way to clean the S-bend is to remove as much water from the toilet bowl as possible, preferably by plunging – although siphoning is also an option.