This is Aleria Avendaño. She is a 26-year-old model from Venezuela who had her first plastic surgery at age 19. She thinks that all women should follow in her footsteps to 'perfect' their beauty.

19 is actually a bit old for plastic surgery in Venezuela. The South American country has won the Miss World competition more than any other country and it's quite commonplace that girls are gifted breast enhancement surgery for their 15th birthdays.

Aleria has gone under the knife for 20 procedures since her first plastic surgery: operations for bigger breasts, a bigger rear, and bigger lips are just some of the 'work' she's had done.

Then there was the operation to lift her forehead, to curve her eyebrows, lengthen her neck, a few rounds of liposuction, and the removal of all her teeth.

Yep, that's right. She got all of her teeth removed in order to replace them with a complete fake set for the 'perfect' smile.

‘The hourglass body is the image of the perfect woman,' she says. ‘I’ve come as close as I can to perfection, but I’m still trying.

But the strangest procedure of all was something she did to herself. For six years Avendaño wore a tight corset for 23 hours a day, so that her waist would shrink. It pressed tightly against her ribs, which she didn't mind although her doctors strongly advised against it.

​Wearing such a tight corset can severely damage your internal organs and cause breathing difficulties. But Aleira didn't want to hear it, "the hourglass figure is the image of the perfect woman. I'm getting close and I'm going to keep trying," said the model. If you'd like to see more photos of Aleira, you can visit her Instagram account.

A Venezuelan model who has put her body through hell in search of perfection has said all women should follow in her footsteps if they want to be 'truly beautiful'.

Aleira Avendaño not only wore a corset for seven years to achieve her ideal 20-inch waist, but also underwent more than 20 rounds of surgery, including four separate breast enlargements, two nose jobs and a gastric bypass.

The 26-year-old now boasts enormous breasts, and a massive bottom, but has admitted to MailOnline she would go under the knife again - and says other women should too.

'I'm not worried about going under the knife,' she said. ‘I will have whatever kind of surgery that makes me feel better about my body.