This is 6-month-old Charlie Crenshaw. Charlie lives with her mom, dad, and older brother in the Atlanta area.

Katie Crenshaw, mother to 6-month-old Charlie Crenshaw, wants people to be able to look past her daughter’s birthmark and stop constantly asking about it.

Charlie was born with a birthmark, a capillary hemagioma, on the right side of her face. For a while now, Crenshaw has been answering questions that people ask about the mark on Charlie’s face, but she’s simply tired of answering them.

Charlie is a happy baby and on Crenshaw’s blog ‘Twelve & Six‘ she explains that the birthmark would likely fade as Charlie grows older. Although she is thankful for people’s concern, that is not the only thing she wants to talk about when it comes to Charlie.

Crenshaw writes on her blog, “She isn’t in pain or ill. She simply has an unusual quality about her appearance. The most common sentiments are “I’m praying that it goes away.” Or “Bless her poor little heart.” I’m constantly being asked “When will that go away?” I’ve even heard things as harsh as “turn her to her good side” or “Too bad, she’s so pretty otherwise”

I encourage you to, instead of praying it will disappear, pray that she grows into a confident girl who loves herself no matter what she looks like. Pray that constant comments and opinions from friends, family and strangers will end before she’s old enough to overhear them. Pray that she will be a strong person in the in an age where we are bullied for any number of reasons.”

After Crenshaw posted her story, she has received a ton of responses from parents dealing with the same thing.

Crenshaw just wants people to see Charlie as the happy and healthy baby girl that she is and be able to look beyond her birthmark. She doesn’t need any pity or prayers – her birthmark is simply that, a birthmark, and it doesn’t define her as a person. There’s so much more to her that people could be asking about…