What a fascinating discovery! Scientist discovered a 15 years old Inca girl frozen in ice!

The girl, nicknamed ‘the maiden’, was found on the Argentinian volcano Llullaillaco. The body of the girl was perfectly preserved when discovered and looks as if she died very recently (around 500 years ago).

Scientists believe she was chosen by the Inca people to live with her gods and was sacrificed to for religious reasons.

The Inca would sacrifice children after an important event as an offering to there gods. The children would be taken to the top of a mountain, fed coca leaves on the way, and were then given a intoxicating drink at the burial site. When they where intoxicated, the Inca priests would kill them by strangulation or a blow to the head.

Sometimes they would leave them alone and intoxicated to freeze to death. This could have been the cause of death in this case as scientists have discovered that the 500 year old frozen girl had a bacterial infection when she was sacrificed.

Scientists where able to determine her diet by examining the proteins in her hair that had been preserved for all those years. It turns out that she had a very fattening and full diet months even years before she was sacrificed.

Scientists believe that by further investigating the bacteria in this girl’s system, it could help to fight new illnesses or reemerging illnesses. Even though this poor girl died 500 years ago, her sacrifice could help cure some diseases that are affecting modern people.