Photos that will make you wonder what's wrong with the world

Is this bus that forgot something important?

Remember when you were a kid riding the school bus, sitting in the back when you went over bumps? Imagine this.

Just doing a little routine trimming.

"But how are we going to reach?"

"No worries, here is what we going to do: we get crane, strap you to hook, you use chainsaw to cut tree. See? No problem."


Look at the shoes

He can do 80-100mph in 1st gear. He might be red-lining it, but can be done.

No comment can be made

This person who thought plastic wrap was an acceptable substitute for shoes.

It looks like she has white ballet flats underneath, and is protecting them with the plastic.

Just a little traffic

This adorable little mutant of a cat. Look at those thumbs!

Here we were afraid of AI. We should have been looking at cats for the greatest destructors of the human race.