When Orlando Magic dancer Lyndsay stepped onto the court to perform her routine, she likely thought it was just a regular game day.

Smiling, stretching and shimmying to upbeat music, Lyndsay danced center court at the Amway Center, a stadium that has more than 20,000 seats.

While thousands looked down at the court, the squad pumped up the crowd, knowing that an exciting moment was soon to occur for their teammate Lyndsay.

The camera was ready, videotaping the routine and waiting for the exciting moment that would soon occur.

The dancers finished their routine to applause and began running off the court. However, Lyndsay was directed to stay on the floor for a reason she was shocked to discover….

Confused, Lyndsay looked around her, wondering why she was staying on the court after she had finished her routine.

Suddenly, it all made sense. Her squad formed two lines, and there on one knee was Lyndsay’s boyfriend, Alan!

Immediately her hands covered her mouth, shocked and in awe at the adorable proposal.

The crowd broke out into applause, congratulating the new couple on their incredible moment, all in the middle of a basketball game!

Although Lyndsay may not have been expecting the surprise when she first stepped onto the court, her enthusiasm is apparent as she embraces her new fiancé with a huge hug, smiling from ear to ear. It's a heartwarming moment that shares the pure surprise and shock Lyndsay must have felt!