Eric Vekeman is retired shop owner in Belgium.

​After closing his shop, a small ground-level unit, he decided he would like to use the property to store his car in. He applied for all of the necessary permits, but was quickly denied.

The reasoning? The city didn't think it would look nice. He wouldn't take no for an answer, so he just kept his storefront as it was, with a couple of tiny but functional modifications.

Watch the video below to see how Eric handled - and overcame - this literal speed bump!

The earthen pot against the iron pot! Erik Vekeman, a villager from Zegelsem, wanted to convert part of its former grocery store of his wife in the garage. But the municipality refused to grant him a permit to perform its transformations. So Erik has devised a novel solution.

For 500 euros work, he transformed the façade of the old grocery secretly garage where it just enough for him to rotate the glass and the low wall that lies beneath to extend or retract the vehicle.