Giant spiders, stinging trees and eye-snatching magpies: the world has some seriously messed up stuff in it.

From the look of the photos below, a lot of that messed up stuff hangs out in Australia. You need to check this out.

There are 10,000 species of Australian spiders.


Just this is a cloudy day...

Just a little lightning...

Box jellyfish

"Chironex fleckeri is one of the simplest organisms. The bi-radially symmetrical body has well developed tissues and specialized cells. The outer covering of ectoderm made of milky slime substance and an inner layer of endoderm makes it displobastic. It has an organic exoskeleton and hydrostatic skeleton and it is an encephalized organism with a non-cellular mesoglea separating the two layers and spreading to a vast bulk of its body which aids its buoyancy. With only a single opening (the mouth and entrance to the cavity), the body encompasses a single sac-like body space called the Gastro-vascular ..It is called the box jellyfish because its transverse section appears to be squared-umbrella -shape with its tentacles at the corners of the box margin. The edge of the umbrella turns inwards forming a circular shaped structure called Velarium. It possesses four dark spots (primitive eyes) that are sensitive to light. These enable it to avoid colluding with foreign objects, detection of foods, and orientation for swimming. It has a simple but well-developed and sophisticated nervous and sensory systems but no specialized excretory respiratory and circulatory organs since most of its living cells are in direct contact with the water." (McEldowney)

Welcome to Australia! I have no words, only nightmares.

In Australia, you may find yourself shopping with pythons

In Australia, you need to be really careful about where you sit...

This is why you Always have to check the toilet in Australia.

Oh yeah, and there are a lot of beetles, too

The temperature is all kinds of extreme! It ranges from 122 degrees Fahrenheit to well below zero.

Look out! Stonefish

Stone fish almost got me when I was about 75 feet on a wreck at Sabang, Puerto Gallera in the Philippines. My dive buddy was signaling me to look at something. when I swam towards her, I held on to the ledge of a sunken boat to look at a Moray eel. Then I saw eyes move next to my right hand. It was a stone fish... My hand was about 4 inches away from it and I was not wearing gloves. The stone fish did not even move, it was sitting on the ledge of the boat.