Claudie Dubreuil works for a Canadian construction company. It's no surprise that she got really creative when it was time to build her own home.

Day after day Claudie builds dream homes for her customers. It's always the same story: tight budgets and limited creativity. But she wanted something different for her own house ...

... something completely her own. She was inspired one day while walking along the port in Montreal. There she saw a few old shipping containers lying around and she knew right away:

Recycling hits the big time as a general contractor turns 4 metal boxes into a decidedly different living space. Building traditional wood townhouses and condos is good work for a general contractor. It provides a steady income for Claudie Dubreuil, a general contractor in Mirabel, Quebec, who owns Les Collections Dubreduil. But she says this type of work isn’t a great creative outlet, due to its limited budgets and safe, middle-of-the-road designs. So when it came to designing her own house, Dubreuil was determined to do something extraordinary and fun. Building a home out of four metal shipping containers fit the bill.

Those would one day be her house! She purchased four old and rusty containers and transported them to her land. She had them stacked on top of one another and then she went to work!

The exterior was covered in pine wood siding. It is a hardy material that will withstand the harsh Canadian winters. It only took 6 weeks for the exterior to be completely transformed.

Of course, the inside of the containers needed to be thoroughly cleaned and rid of any toxins. Finally they could begin the interior remodel.

When you see the results, you know all the work was worth it: She installed massive windows to bring in plenty of natural light and give the space a very open feeling.

The unique texture of the container walls gives the space a modern, dynamic feel. It's certainly not a boring space.

She left the traditional burgundy color for her office, she wanted to leave some reminders of how it all began.