In Gujarat, India, there is a street that is infamous for accidents.

Concerned about the large number of wrecks, and wanting to do something about it, two art students came up with a brilliant but simple idea to help. With approval from local authorities, the two women took some paint and their talents and created amazing masterpieces in the roads. These 3D paintings mimic an obstruction in the road, which helps to slow traffic down, lessening the number of accidents on the road.

The 3-dimensional zebra crossing gives an illusion to oncoming drivers that it is a blockade, hence making them slow down. The novel idea will be used near schools and accident prone areas in Ahmedabad to reduce road related accidents and allow pedestrians to safely cross the road.

Saumya has been involved with art since childhood. Deeply in love with nature, many of her exhibitions promote a sense of connection with nature. She runs an art hub called ‘Saumya’s Wet Brush $234P’ since 2000, and also teaches art to children and senior citizens.