Simply wonderful story. Makes you feel that not all of humanity is against each other.

Story's like this restore my faith in humanity ! People can be so incredible fast thinking quick reaction you are a hero well done amazing lady so happy they are both OK

It's not every day we are in a situation that takes us by complete surprise and also requires our quick thinking. Rebecca Montano found herself in a situation like that when a mother and her baby came in the convenience store Rebecca works at. She noticed something wasn't quite right when the mother approached the counter, and she saw that the mom had a glazed look. Then the mother began to sway and Rebecca took the baby from her arms just as the mother began having a seizure.

911 was called and paramedics arrived. The mother and baby are both safe and sound now. Rebecca wishes she could have held on to the mother just a little longer though. Despite how she feels, customers have been calling her a hero ever since. “It’s people like you who make the world right.”

Some tips if you see someone who you believe is having a seizure:

1. Stay calm.

2. Try to time the seizure. Seizures usually do not last longer than 60 to 120 seconds. If the seizure lasts longer than 3 minutes, call 911.

4. If the person is standing, help them gently to the floor.

5. Move away furniture or other objects that might injure the person during the seizure.

6. If the person having a seizure is on the ground when you arrive, try to position them on their side so that any saliva or vomit can leak out of their mouth rather than be swallowed or go down the windpipe.

7. Put a jacket or something soft under their head.

8. Do not put anything, including your fingers, into the person's mouth while they are seizing. You could chip the person's tooth or your finger could be bitten.

9. Do not try to hold the person down because this can cause injury.