I feel almost bad for saying that you might not want to probably eat this, because, in reality, it doesn't change a thing for me.

It's probably because that I've learned that, in Western culture, we tend to neglect things that seem...unsightly. Offal like kidneys, hearts, liver, and the oh-so-delightfully-chewy nuts? A big no for most people.

Enter hot dogs, one of the most popular foods in the world. It's linked to nostalgia in baseball games or backyard barbecues. Once you see how it's made, you'll probably be turned off, but guess what? It's a good way to make use of leftover animal parts. As a society, we should want to be less wasteful and more resourceful. If I've ruined hot dogs forever for you, I'm sorry, but I'm sitting here enjoying one with ketchup and pickles.