It sounds a bit paradoxical, but the riper your bananas, the better they are for your health.

Not only are they richer in flavor, they are also really good for you when they start to get those brown spots. It's worth to wait a few days and let your bananas really ripen, because there are loads of benefits for your body:

1) Heartburn

Bananas work like natural antacids. A single banana can neutralize your stomach acid, soothing discomfort and stopping the burning sensation.

2) Helping Cancer Treatments

The riper the banana, the more TNF it has. TNF stands for tumor necrosis factor, an enzyme that helps fight off abnormal cells in your body. These enzymes essentially boost your immune system and guide good cells to inflamed or attacked parts of the body. The production of white blood cells is also supported, alongside a rise in antioxidants. These effects can hinder a tumor's ability to grow or spread.

3) Constipation

A few bananas will certainly help clear the system. The fiber in bananas naturally supports healthy metabolism.

4) Stress

If you are feeling tense or stressed, a banana can help cool your system. Bananas normalize your blood sugar levels and have loads of vitamin B, which helps soothe stressed nerves and boost your mood.

5) Body Temperature Regulation

It's not quite the right season for this yet, but when it's really hot outside, eating a banana can help cool your temperature. The same goes for when you have a fever.

6) Prevent Stroke

An American study found that ripe bananas, with their high levels of potassium, can help lower the risk of stroke. Researchers recommend having around 1500 mg of potassium per day. This amount is found in 2-3 bananas.

Amazing, the power of those beautiful yellow-brown fruit. I want to eat mine right away, but I'm going to let it ripen another day or two ...

Banana Benefits

Eating ripe bananas not only improves your chance of fighting cancerous cells, but it also means better digestion, moods, stronger bones, and better blood pressure. If you haven’t yet read my article on the benefits of bananas, then go do so now! You’ll be on your way to whipping up a banana smoothie in no time.

Banana Meals!

Make sure you eat bananas at their peak ripe stage before they go fully brown. Once they get past the black speckled stage, their nutrient content decreases and they aren’t as beneficial to the body. If you can’t eat them once they get to their perfect ripeness, simply peel and stick in the freezer and use for recipes later on like banana “nice” cream!

Brown Banana Facts

Before you throw out a banana because it has turned brown and seems past its eating prime, consider the potential nutritional benefits it provides. A brown banana has a higher level of antioxidants than yellow or green, unripe bananas. It's also easier to digest for people with digestive ailments, including irritable bowel and functional abdominal bloating.