You can't believe it costs this much to live in a box inside someone's apartment!

A 25-year-old guy in San Francisco, Peter Berkowitz, built himself an 8-foot bedroom pod to live in on the inside of an apartment to save on rent. With the pricey average rent of $3,500/month for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco, Peter came up with a plan that would work for him to be able to save some money. He decided to build a bedroom of his own inside of an apartment in the living room area.

He’s been living inside of the pod for three weeks now and is currently paying $400 in rent. Although it may not be for everyone, Peter describes the box he built as comfortable for him. It has a sliding door, a built-in computer table, some room for storage and a fan with a hole in the back for ventilation.

Peter lives with four other roommates, who helped him build the pod, and they each pay about $800 for their rooms inside the apartment.

What do you think about Peter’s idea? Would you be able to live in this thing?