This is an amazing homemade structure made from old cardboard boxes.

Rodessa is the name of the clever mom who thought this project up. All you need is a few cardboard boxes in different sizes. The first step is to form an 'L' with the boxes. She chose to put hers in the kitchen. Then she marked certain pieces that she would later cut out. It's easily done with a box cutter. Her little daughter Audrey was already curious about what was happening in the kitchen.

Next, it was time to paint and decorate. She chose turquoise acrylic paint and a pit of paper. Can you guess where this is headed? Rodessa's daughter could already smell dinner a few steps ago ... ;)

That's right: It's a play kitchen for little Audrey complete with all the essentials. She already had pots, silverware, and other bits and bobs, but the rest was pure imagination. The oven knobs are old lids for example, and the handle is borrowed from the top of a laundry detergent box.

There's even a small corner to wash up. The sink was formerly a metal bowl and the faucet, a soap dispenser. How creative!

To the pleasure of all her guests, the new corner even got it's own name: "Audrey's Cafe & Restaurant." This little one is over the moon that she has her own cafe!

And as you can see, she's right in her element in the kitchen. The customers are ready to try her tasty treats. Let's go! Time for pots, pans, and cookie sheets!

The whole project only took a single weekend to complete, but the joy from it will certainly last a lot longer. Well done mom!

Who doesn't love to play chef? A 3-course meal coming right up! This won't just warm a child's heart, but a grown-up's too!