The heartbreaking story of a university student is currently going viral in China.

Zhao Delong had a rough childhood. Growing up, he was diagnosed with polio at a very young age. As a result, he was unable to walk. Seeing their son paralyzed from the waist down was devastating, so his parents worked day and night to earn enough money to afford treatment for him.

A few years later, they paid for his surgery, and Zhao was able to walk again.

But life took another dramatic turn for the worse soon after he was admitted into university. While in school, Zhao learned that his father had fallen ill. As a result of the sickness, he was paralyzed. His mother did not handle the situation very well, and she fell into a deep depression.

At that moment, Zhao took it upon himself to treat and care for his paralyzed father. He believed that he owed the man who showed him love and kindness when he was a crippled child with polio.

Each day, Zhao helps his father wash his face, brush his teeth, comb his hair, and get ready for the day. He also cooks him every meal and helps him with the limited exercise he can do. The university has helped the situation by giving them a special room that accommodate both of them.

hao does all this, and he attends class as a full-time student.

When asked why Zhao does it, he quickly remarks, “My dad took care of me. Now that he’s ill, I can’t just leave him behind.”

Please excuse me while I shed a few tears and call my dad to tell him how much I love him.