How do you clench your fist?

We’ve already tried out many ways to look inside ourselves, but the thing that always gives us away completely is our body. Our habits, gestures, movements and facial expressions betray us, and the same applies to how we clench our fists. We do it when we're mad, stressed or frustrated. If you're not a boxer or someone who regularly punches, then you probably don't think too much about how you clench your fist. You should think about it though, because it says a bit about your personality. To find out how it works, clench your fist now. Take note of what your fist looks like and then compare it to the following pictures.

1.) You tend to help people even when it brings some inconvenience to you. You constantly strive for new knowledge and experiences. You’re extremely energetic and a little impatient. People like you are always called adventurers and daredevils, but at the same time, many won’t understand how often you feel nervous and how much you need help and protection sometimes. You desperately need recognition and acceptance because you often meet people who use your kindness. However, your strong inner core doesn’t let you become limp or even give up on people. You still continue to defend and protect those in need, except for the fact that you become a bit more cautious.

How others see you:

These people have a very strong creative side. They are quick-witted and expressive, while often very emotional and react quickly to changes. People with this personality have a pragmatic disposition and a knack for art. They can be very cautious and, due to their sensitive nature, tend to worry a lot. They are clever, stand for harmony and justice, but are also good at manipulating people.

How you are:

Most of the time you prefer to remain calm. This is due to your kind nature, because you would rather hold back than hurt someone else. As a rule, you are very social and it's easy to get along with you. All you need is a little freedom and room to live your dreams. You only require a few very close friends.

In love:

You are not a fan of having dramatic scenes in your life. Therefore you prefer a relaxed and comfortable environment - and that goes for your relationships too. Your biggest weakness is that you're so compassionate. Even if you have been deeply hurt, you're always ready to forgive and forget.

2.) You’re outgoing and attract a variety of people. Your friends love you for your sincerity and sharp mind. You’re self-confident; you have a strong sense of self-esteem. You’re diligent and prompt, and that makes you both a live wire among your friends and a good business leader. However, your fear of failure often stops you from taking bold decisions as it can greatly hurt your feelings. You often need approval and praise. Most importantly, never stop believing in yourself even when no one says how good you are. After all, it's possible that you just happened to be surrounded by people who are jealous of your success.