After years of being unhappy with her body, she'd managed to lose 91 lbs! S

She even managed to be on the cover of a fitness magazine, and it's all due to her workout routine. But on this fateful day, her life would change forever. At the time, Megan was living with her boyfriend in Florida. They were driving along together in his pickup truck, when they got into a heated argument and her boyfriend lost his temper. Traveling at over 65mph, he leaned over Megan and wrenched open the car door. Then he grabbed the girl by the shoulder and pushed. Megan fell from the speeding car.

"HISTORY IN THE MAKING PEOPLE!!!!!!!! My very first Jump since my accident yayyyyyyyyy!!!! This is so freaking insane I have nothing below the knee and yet I'm jumping!!!! Hard work is paying off nothing will stop me now"

As she came back to her senses, her entire body was in pain. When she fell out of the car, she collided with a road sign and only survived because she was found quickly and taken to hospital. Nevertheless, her injuries sound like something out of a horror movie: she broke her spine, six ribs and collarbone. In addition, she even landed in such a bad position that her labia were torn off!

Megan immediately undergoes emergency surgery, but as she wakes from the anesthetic, the doctors have bad news: Megan is paralyzed from the chest down and will probably never walk again. Megan has hit rock bottom. She feels like she has lost her whole life and her identity. But when she's allowed to leave the hospital, Megan decides that she's not going to give up. She's going to fight! The doctors tell her that it is not likely, but very slowly, she restarts her strength training.

She even dares to do some leg training, and continually tries to stand without assistance. She remembers the first attempt, "The pain was as though someone shot electricity through my body." But she had a mission! And one day what the doctors call a miracle happened: a muscle in her right thigh jerked when she flexed her leg!

Now she knows that she can do it. Patiently, Megan works to strengthen her withered muscles. After a year her entire body is already much stronger. She's regained control over her bladder and bowel, each day she's moving forward two steps. With the increased self-confidence, she even dares to go on dates again.

"This guy in the gym a body builder back in the gym had the nerve to ask me!! I heard your going to compete next year, what are you going to do??? I said what do you mean , I'm doing bikini !! He said no about your legs !? I said what!? He said you know they are going to take points away for your calfs, and your ankles and braces you just can't put a sign on your braces that's says I'm handicap!! I felt like slapping the shit out of him and saying some not so nice words!! But instead I said watch me that's why I'll be the first!!! Thanks to this shitty comment it gave me fire to try something new and make gains"