The little Walter Joshua Fretz came a few weeks too early into the world.

He was clearly underdeveloped and had little chance to survive. But this moment was so important for everyone. Alexis Fretz, who her friends all call Lexi, actually experienced a normal pregnancy and everything was going according to plan.

She felt a pain and began bleeding heavily. She immediately called her midwife and was rushed to the hospital.

Her contractions began then right away. After just 19 weeks, the small Joshua Walter Fretz came far too early into the world. His odds of survival were practically nonexistent. But then a small miracle happened:

For a short moment life kindled inside of Joshua. Lexi could clearly see how he breathed. As she laid him on her breast, she felt his heartbeat. An unforgettable moment!

But Joshua did not have enough strength for more. Soon after his life’s light expired and it was time to say farewell. His father lifted him up delicately and closed him into his heart forever.

Even Joshua’s big sister insisted ardently that she be able to give her little brother one last goodbye before leaving. Even when the tears flowed, the feeling of thankfulness outweighed the sorrow.

For this one moment, where they saw little Joshua for the first time and felt his last spark of life, is something Lexi will never forget.

This woman’s inner strength is so impressive and inspiring. She was able to feel the heartbeat or her child for just a moment. But she will never forget this moment.

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