When she adds the final touches – GORGEOUS!

You will definitely turn heads and drop jaws with this amazing creation. Attention: Any do-it-yourself project involves risk of some sort.

For this project, you will need the following

Flowers of your choice
Two pallets (or 1″ x 4″ wood purchased from home improvement store)
Hole saw
Packing peanuts
Weed guard (optional)
Soil moist granules (optional)

The very first step is to build a planter box using pallets. Amy runs an amazing website named “Her Tool Belt”, and you can learn how to build the planter featured below by following her step-by-step tutorial.

Once you have completed the planter, then it’s time to plant flowers! First, start with your weed guard. Then, fill the planter with a solid layer of soil. On top of that, add a thin layer of soil moist granules. Do this until its just under the first row of horizontal holes.

Gently stick flowers through the holes. Be sure that the roots are resting on the soil inside the box. The picture below is a good reference.

When all the flowers are in place on the first row, fill the box with soil and pack peanut filler until you reach the next row of holes. Repeat what you did above until the entire box is filled.

In the beginning, the planter will look rather unflattering. As with most things, you just need to wait and have patience! In just a few months, you will hardly recognize this planter…

Because it will transform into a gorgeous display of flowers!

This is what it looks like after just 3 months of planting. The flowers start to grow long downward stems, and the hard work is paying off.

A few more months later, and you will have a giant flower bush that’s really easy to maintain. You know exactly where to trim!