Looking at these photos it is difficult to believe that they are really real.

Bridge in Norway is not for people suffering from vertigo

The American Billy Owen

He lost his right eye due to cancer, gave up his main job and become a professional artist.

Airport in Leipzig, Germany

It has one runway, which runs through the highway.

The dog, nicknamed Piggy

She was born with a defect, but because caring hostess survived and became known on the Internet.

Carlos Rodriguez - a man without a brain

Being in a state of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, Carlos stole a car and had an accident.

Chinese Ksyaolyan

As a result of a car accident Ksyaolyan suffered a serious injury and nearly lost his nose, but resourceful Chinese doctors have found a way out of the situation and raised the nose on the forehead of the patient for further transplantation into place.

Hungarian sheepdog

One of the biggest dogs in the world, as they grow older her long white hair svolakivaetsya in the original cords and makes the dog even more massive and imposing.

Goats of Morocco

In Morocco live so agile goats that climb in search of food even in the trees.