A comprehensive report on the happenings of father and son while mama is away for the afternoon

Emio is 30 years old, lives in Kansas City (USA) and works the nightshift often. Since his wife Stephanie works during the day, Emio remains at home alone with his 21-month-old son Xavier. Instead of constantly telling his wife what he did with his son, he’d rather show it.

So Emio thought of the idea to make a video of a day spent with his son. What Emio never expected, however, was the reaction the video would unleash. Now the whole world knows what kind of a father Emio is and the video has become a Youtube hit. Watch for yourself:

I made this video exclusively for my wife - the reason I made this video was because when my wife and I moved to Kansas City (for her new job) I found myself at home with our boy during the day a lot (i work for myself so i could make my own hours)

I would tell her how much of a disaster the house would be, and how much fun we had - but she's one of those ladies that need to see things to believe them. So in a effort to show her the types of things me and our boy were doing during the day I set the camera up. And when my wife saw it, she loved it.... and posted it to fb. and That was the beginning.