It looks like someone much luck with the mother-in?

The Swedish model Anna Nyström, like many of her peers, likes to make selfie. And spread in instagram, where enthusiastic bodybuilder blonde beauties there are already 2.5 million subscribers. Here, even Valentine's Day she spent in the gym ...

But sometimes she, like the other girls, is photographed with his mother ... And here unprepared viewer expects something of a shock!

Anna Nyström (born June 19, 1992 i⁣s an amateur model and fitness blogger from Stockholm, Sweden. She's gained a massive following on Instagram where she has over 2.3 million followers(est. 2016) to date In addition to uploading selfies in gym clothes, the Swedish blonde also records fitness videos of her squatting and doing yoga.

Anna Nyström
Born on June 19, 1992
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Fitness blogger, Model
Residence Stockholm, Sweden
Hair color Blonde

She rose to fame in June 2013 through her increasingly popular Instagram account, which at the time only featured pictures of herself.

She lives in Stockholm, Sweden, with her pet dog.