Angelina Jolie - one of the most beautiful women in the world, Brad Pitt's wife, mother of six children, humanist, actress and director.

Yes, she's just a complete set! Let no one ever takes its place, however, the world is full of women, who in many ways are similar to it. Among them are like movie stars and ordinary girl, who make a living for its amazing similarity with the actress. About them and talk today.

10. Doreen Rose Deynker

Dutch actress and model grew up in Hong Kong, but returned to Holland to finish school and start a modeling career. Doreen shines on the covers of fashion magazines, is the face of advertising campaigns, working on radio and TV, as well as sometimes earns double of Angelina.

9. Veronica Black

Model from Vancouver said that the similarity with the actress ruined her life - her fear men and women believe that she will steal their loved ones.

Despite the fact that nature has bestowed Veronica natural beauty of Angelina, she admits that at school she was attacked, and she did not have guy to 18. Oddities any.

8 India Eisley

This actress originally from Los Angeles. Father of India - a musician, and his mother was also an actress (they appeared together in the film "Mystery of the Mind"). Although the actress has never openly not compared to Jolie, it's hard not to notice some similarities. The India is best known for his roles in the TV series "Unknown to their parents", as well as joint work with Semyuelm L. Jackson in the film "Kite".

7. Lisa Haydon

Model, actress and fashion designer Lisa Haydon can catch up with the beauty of Angelina. At Lisa and flowing Indian avtraliyskaya blood, she has appeared in several films in Bollywood and has released the first international Indian fashion clothing collection.

6. Tiffany Claus

American model and actress is the official counterpart Angelina. Also, Tiffany - a singer and a professional artist, she has appeared in several movies and magazines such as Maxim and People.