Every parent thinks their child's special and he is absolutely right. But did you know that the baby before birth already has unique talents and abilities?

1- If you put a newborn baby on the mother's belly, he quickly tries to cling to her breasts, because it is identical to the smell with the smell of amniotic fluid.

Even so kids often after birth suck their fingers, because for some time they retain the smell of amniotic fluid.

Video: How to Stop Your Baby From Sucking Their Thumb/Hand... TOO FUNNY :)

2 - Kissing newborns whose mothers ingest bacteria and viruses, antibodies to which the child then receive through breast milk.

This protects the crumbs from possible infections.

3- When the baby is still in the womb, he grows hair and a mustache, they fall to the genera themselves. Moreover, the child has time to eat the hair that after birth and go at it with the first chair.

4- Children are crying with different accents. They catch it, which says their mom, and try to simulate it while crying. That is why it is possible to distinguish between a crying baby, a German from a Frenchman or an American.

5- The first few months after birth babies see the world in black and white. All because their vision is still underdeveloped.

Moreover, they can only see a few meters ahead. The first color that they are distinguished, except white, black and gray - red.

6- Toddlers spend so much time in sleep partly due to the fact that their brain consumes 50% of the body's glucose. For example, adult use only 20%.

7 - Up to six months infants have an innate ability to swim, instinctively holding his breath, and the heart rate falls and blood circulation in the fingers and toes is reduced.

8 - If you touch a finger palm baby, it always grabs it. This is explained by grasping reflex, by which develops motor skills of the child.