When his dog started barking inconsolably, he ran to see what had happened.

He looked into the well that his dog was standing next to and saw her two puppies at the bottom. They had accidentally fallen in. Next to them was a very large King Cobra. But what he witnessed next was even more surprising. Rather than attacking the puppies, the cobra was being protective of them!

Watch the video below for the entire story:

An Unlikely Guest

Not only did he find the two puppies at the bottom of the well, huddled together, but he found more than than be bargained for: sitting next to the puppies was a king cobra snake!

King cobras are notoriously poisonous and often scare off other animals and humans, but that wasn’t the case for these two puppies. Not only did the snake not appear aggressive or attack, it almost seemed as though it was protecting the puppies until help arrived.

This incredible story proves that even the most dangerous creatures know what it means to help another being when it’s in danger.