At Sunday School, a a group of children were asked to write letters to God.

When the teacher saw what the kids wrote, she burst out laughing. Kids are unintentionally hilarious!

Can You Kiss Someone?

This one is pure gold.

Why Are Giraffes Goofy-Looking?

God clearly did not like giraffes, so he made them look strangely different from other animals.

Extra Holiday

Yes, we all need an extra few holidays in our lives.

God’s Getting Charmed

Charles is going to be a future businessman one day. He certainly schmoozed God with this letter.


Susie needed to make sure God knew how to take care of her pet turtle. Don’t worry Susie, I’m sure your turtle is in safe hands.


Raphael is willing to give up nearly everything for a genie lamp, just not his money or chess set.