Her husband supports her as her weight drops to 40 pounds, but wait until you see her now.

Things were looking bleak for actress Rachael Farrokh. After suffering from a rare mental disorder, Rachel lost so much weight that she was only 40 pounds. Knowing that she didn’t have much time, she reached out to social media to seek help…

Rachel was 37 years old, but weighed just 40 pounds, the average weight for a 5 year old girl.

This is what Rachael used to look like. You can definitely tell that the mental disorder had a huge toll on her body.


Rachael was suffering from Anorexia Nervosa for the past 10 years. Although some people might view it as a physical illness, medical professionals classify it as a mental illness.

Luckily, Rachael wasn’t alone in her fight. Her husband, Rod Edmondson, stayed by her side throughout her struggle. Rod even quit his job so he could be there to support Rachel as best he could.

You may be thinking, can’t people suffering from anorexia just start eating? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Because it’s both a mental and physical disorder, eating too many calories can lead to deadly side effects, such as a heart attack.

Rachael wasn’t ready to give up though. She wanted to fight to live and was determined to make it through.

Rachael told NBC4 Los Angeles that it wasn’t easy finding help,

“Because they were so worried about my body, that my body wasn’t responding to any of the treatment. Because they didn’t understand that the brain had to come along with the body.”

Because her insurance didn’t cover eating disorders, Rachael was desperate for help. She found help, however, in social media.