Then, mom realizes how dangerous it is… Be carefull...

Leslie Howe was with her kids at Gwinnett County park. She, her baby, and her two children were enjoying a fun day outside in the sun when they suddenly encountered a strange-looking creature moving towards them. It was a small, tiny insect that seemed harmless at first.

However, her motherly instincts quickly kicked in as she warned her kids not to touch or contact it.

That was the right and smart thing to do. Later on, Leslie would learn how dangerous that creature really was. She had saved her kids from a potentially venomous sting.

It turns out the furry creature they encountered was a puss caterpillar. Unlike your typical caterpillar, a puss caterpillar is loaded with venom, and one touch from them can leave you in pain. The venom will cause you to sweat profusely and experience nausea.

This is a stern warning to parents to protect their kids from this danger. It’s easy for kids to get curious and try to touch furry animals, but make sure they’re safe from puss caterpillars.

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