While we like all childbirths to be routine and normal, that’s not always the case. In fact, there are crazy childbirth stories out there, and we have featured one below. This story was told on an episode of “Untold Stories of the ER,” and it’s absolutely nuts.

Dr. Mauricio Helibron, Jr. works in a hospital in San Pedro, California. The day was already very busy. There were more hospital patients than normal. He was in the midst of treating a gunshot victim and another victim whose small intestines were outside his body when something unexpected and shocking happened.

Just when Dr. Helibron thought his day couldn’t get any more crazy, he heard a woman scream out in pain. Right after, he heard someone’s frantic footsteps.

Nice catch, I wonder if the parents will neckname the baby Superman, for flying out like that.

It turns out, the footsteps belonged to an ER doctor who was treating a pregnant woman at the time. The woman screamed in pain as she gave birth, and her baby flew out of her. Yes, it flew out and the ER doctor was forced to catch the baby. He landed on his knees as he leapt to catch the baby.

Everyone in the hospital stood still as they could not believe what they had just witnessed. This doctor’s quick-thinking and reactions saved a flying baby from a horrific crash landing!