2 years ago, she lost her dog in a heartbreaking moment. She thought she'd never see him again, but then she gets a call from someone 1,000 miles away...

Have you ever lost your dog before? If you have, you know how terrible of a feeling it can be. Not knowing whether my dog was safe was enough to prevent me from sleeping. Fortunately, every time I’ve lost my dog, I’ve been able to find him or her.

Other dog owners I know, however, haven’t been so lucky. You’re about to meet a dog owner that thought she would never find her dog again. That is until something incredible happened…


Debi Petranck is a woman from Florida who lost her dog nearly 2 years ago. Debi’s dog, Zeus, was a black and white pug-nosed terrier that Debi loved dearly. Even though Zeus had a microchip, he was nowhere to be found after he was reported missing by Debi. With each passing month, Debi grew more and more pessimistic that she would be never be able to find Zeus.

Two years and 1,000 miles later, a stray black and white pug-nosed terrier showed up in the Dearborn Animal Shelter in Detroit, Michigan. It turns that after Zeus was reported missing from Ocala, Florida, August 2014, a man found Zeus and adopted him. The man moved to Michigan, and he took Zeus along with him.

Zeus ran away from that owner, however, and ended up roaming the streets of Detroit, where he was finally found and chipped. In the following video, you’ll watch as original owner Debi reunites with Zeus after all these long years. I have to say, it’s one of the most heartwarming reunions I’ve ever seen — don’t you agree?

Debi says,

“My main worry, I didn’t know if Zeus would know me or not, but he walked in and knew … he recognized me from right off. Everything’s just the way we left it. We’ve just picked right up where we were. I prayed that the right people would get involved. And they obviously did. I have my dog back.”