Taras Lesko only had one request for her husband. “Honey, can you make something for that big wall?”

It was a simple request, and Lesko’s husband immediately said yes. Taras had no idea, however, what Lesko’s husband was about to make…

Lesko’s husband assembled his materials: foam board, poster board, push pins, spray paint, tacky glue. Combining these materials and “tons of patience” Lesko got to work on his creation. Although it was a painstaking process, the end result is simply incredible.

It’s something I would expect to see at an art gallery, not something a husband made for his wife that wanted something on the wall.

Watch the video above to see a time lapse of Lesko’s husband building this unique piece of art. Using a technique of looping different colored poster board strips, Lesko is able to make something that has an awesome 3D effect. I’m sure his creation will be hanging up on their wall for a very long time!