American artist Kurt Werner - one of the acknowledged masters of the genre in a large-scale 3D-drawing.

He draws so convincing that his paintings it is impossible not to believe.

And before Werner worked at NASA illustrator and 3D techniques learned by studying the works of some of the old masters.

He had just finished work on their 3D-museum, where you can see about 2300 square meters. meters pictures. In parallel, he travels a lot, taking part in numerous art exhibitions, and gives master classes.

One picture, he can create a whole week, and how much it will last - depending on the number of visitors who choose to walk through it. Well, the weather, if it is painted in the open air.

According to the master, the picture looks so realistic three-dimensional is not by chance, is based on the laws in optics and mathematics - the angles calculated in accordance with certain principles. From NASA illustrator different approach, we did not expect.