If you were around back in the '40s and '50s, there would have been no shortage of models and actresses gracing posters as 'pin-up' girls for a mostly-male audience, often vets healing from war.

Rachael Aslett, an artist, photographer, designer, and blogger from Perth, Australia, decided they needed to make a comeback in a very unique way...

Why not pair up the beauties from vintage posters with pictures of cats in similar poses?

Exactly, there's no reason not to, so that's what she did.

Now her blog, Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls, has more than 58,000 followers, and it's not hard to see why.

Though the compilations initially came about as a happy accident — she ran across a similar image on the Internet — she has since created her own extensive collection.

Even though she doesn't actually own a cat, she thought her collection would do well with one of her clients at the time, Hurly Burly, a costume store.

They needed to find a way of letting consumers know about the company’s website, and since the company carried pin-up style clothes and also sponsors the Miss Pinup Australia Competition, Aslett was inspired to play up this fashionable aspect.

Adding cats was a natural step, as you can't fling a corset without hitting a cat with more followers than you on the Internet.

After that proved to be successful, she started her Tumblr blog, and that has taken off so much that she now splits her time between freelancing and finding more images, and she's already been offered a book deal.

When it comes to the creative process, she doesn’t necessarily have an order in which she finds the photos.