There are stories inside the clothes we wear as well. Some of them aren't just interesting — they're historic.

They're everywhere. Blue skies, blue oceans, blue jeans. But how much do you really know about them?

In fact, on average, most American women own seven pairs of jeans. Seven!

On those many, many pairs of jeans, there are little buttons on the pockets.

What are those all about?

As it happens, there's a lot of history in those little buttons.

A blue jean empire, and an American icon, were built around them starting way back in 1872...

Like so many American originals, the rugged West forged those game-changing rivets.

A tailor named Jacob Davis found himself frequently repairing the clothing of workmen in San Francisco.

They would come to him with ripped, torn pockets hanging open. Finally, he came up with a solution to keep the pockets from ripping apart so often: copper rivets.