For the last six years there has been an amazing project happening in the small town of Piplantri in the Indian state Rajastan.

When the mayor of the village Shyam Sundar Paliwal lost his daughter, he decided to plant 111 trees in her memory. But that inspired another idea, what if villagers planted 111 trees for every newborn baby girl?

In a country where women have seemingly less and less rights and many young girls are killed as babies, this is an incredible gesture to celebrate the birth of a daughter. It also brings the families closer as they plant and tend to the trees for many years.

More than 40,000 trees have already been planted and the town has been transformed into a green oasis. This has caused another unexpected result.

The trees they plant often are fruit-bearing. To protect them from animals, the villagers have planted aloe vera plants around the base. These are profitable plants to harvest and sell. Piplantri has experienced an economic turnaround as a result of these trees: They are finally financially independent.

What a beautiful and sustainable idea! An honor for his dead daughter, a treat for newborns, great for the environment, and helping the local economy: an all-around positive project!