They sleep in the meetings referred to the interlocutor in the third person and wear special shoes when they go to the toilet. What else Japanese are different from us?

They use special slippers for the toilet

The hotels and houses some Japanese use plastic or rubber slippers for the toilet and bathroom. Usually they are at the entrance to the bathroom. When you get out, you need to remove and flip-flops left in the same place. In this strange tradition two objectives: first, the Japanese believe that it is more hygienic, and secondly, it is immediately clear that the toilet is occupied. This rule is often confuses foreigners who, of course, always forget to change the shoes.

By the way, visiting the outdoor toilets, too, are often surprising. They are unusual in appearance, and the air inside the first technology. For example, you can play music, to others certainly could not hear what you're doing there. Also, there is a special button to call the security service in case the client will be bad.

Strangest japanese game shows

Japan is known for their seriously strange game shows, in this episode,

They sleep on the job

Fall asleep during a meeting with colleagues or directly in the workplace will not be considered embarrassing. Some Japanese practice inemuri, which literally translates as "to be present during sleep." The descendants of the samurai understand that to be effective a person needs a dream, and, therefore, are not ashamed to be given half an hour of working time slumber.

At the same time taking into account a few important rules: you need to sleep directly at the table, his head in his hands or countertop; if you fall asleep during the meeting, but addressed to you, you need to wake up and answer; if you are a brand new company and you are expected to actively engage in the work process, the inemuri will be perceived as a bad taste.

Machine-operated multistory parking space

Since Japan is a very narrow country, especially in the cities, in order to make the best of parking spaces they were built upwards into multistory spaces. Many people are surprised at this use of technology.

They refer to each other in the third person