Camille Parent from Peterborough, Ontario also had to resort to this because he did not have the time and the place to look after his old and sick mother.

He didn't feel comfortable with this thought at all. How could a home provide the care and attention that he wanted for his beloved mother? Since she suffers from Alzheimers, he could not ask her about the circumstances under which she was treated when he wasn't around.

But one day he discovered something that shocked him a lot: his mother had a black eye! How could that happen? Nobody at the old folks' home wanted or could give him an answer to that, it seemed.

This experience shocked him so much that he decided to get answers to his questions himself. Secretly he got a so-called nanny cam - this device is normally used as a hidden camera to give some insight into how a nanny is treating a child. But what this camera discovered in the old folks' home is so awful that Camille never expected it.

Initially you see how a caretaker blows his nose with the bed sheets that he is putting on the bed for Camille's mother, Helen.

Then you see how two caretakers grope and kiss each other with no respect while they are in the room of the old woman. Disturbed she turns away as if she is embarrassed. But what's much worse than this molestation is the following: a caretaker takes a dirty diaper from Helen. As if it weren't bad enough knowing that you can't go to the bathroom alone anymore, this heartless woman takes the diaper and wags it in front of her victim's face! How can someone be so cruel?

Even other residents of the home are constantly coming into Helen's room no matter whether she's there or not. They get into her private things and take what they want. No caretakers stop them. The residents are partially demented and can not be held responsible for their behavior. The behavior of the personnel, however, cannot be understood! The last thing you see on the video is how brutally they handle Helen as they put on a new fresh diaper.

Helen is clearly in pain! But no one cares about the old woman since she just forgets everything right away at any rate. Her son is shocked to his core, "How am I ever going to be able to trust again? How can anyone trust anyone again now?"

When the CEO of the old folks' home is shown the video, he is also speechless. "This is not acceptable! I will make sure that abuse of this nature is prevented in the future!"